The Discern Report: A Curated Conservative Newsletter America Needs

Newsletters are a dime a dozen (even counting inflation). It seems just about every conservative news site offers one or more email newsletters to their audience. Some a pretty good. Others are spam-fests designed solely to collect email addresses so they can sell access to their partners.

Discern Report, which has been a conservative news aggregator for years, is now a newsletter that drives the same basic premise. Rather than just offering daily content from one site, we will deliver a digest of articles from conservative sources across the web.

Moreover, we will NOT sell or rent your data to anyone. We will not do “dedicated sends” for companies or political campaigns. We will NOT flood our newsletter with spammy banners or foot fungus ads. We will deliver approximately 15 of the best articles and videos to give our audience a proper view of the world around us.

All we need is your email. We don’t want any other data from you in order to start receiving this free service and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Let’s work together to share the right information in a world flooded with fake news.