(Natural News)—Christian Post journalist Brandon Showalter appeared on The John-Henry Westen Show recently to discuss the transgender takeover of America.

According to Showalter, his first encounter with the world of transgenderism was in 2016. At that time, Showalter says he was “thrown into” the subject because of the meteoric rise of “gender clinics” in the United States, which he says do “atrocious” things to children.

Subjecting children to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones will “almost certainly render a child [permanently] sterile,” Showalter explained.

“Since when did it become ethical to sterilize a child, especially when there’s no disease like cancer, where … you might lose your fertility because you’ve got drugs for chemo and radiation?”

“Gender confusion … [is] a psychological condition that does not warrant a hormonal or surgical intervention. So it’s a disgraceful practice. It should never happen in my opinion.”

Listen to the full episode below:

Becoming your “authentic self” through mutilation

What bothers Showalter the most are the “gruesome” surgeries that children go through in order to become another gender. Boys and girls are getting their genitals cut off and sometimes replaced with fake genitals to match their desired “transition.”

The process is not only gruesome but also expensive with taxpayers footing much of the bill, all because of the “ideological indoctrination” that Showalter says children are being exposed to at school and in the media.

“This is neo-Gnosticism on steroids, literally,” Showalter said about these deceived children’s efforts to become their “authentic self.”

“And it’s happening to young people, very young people, including teenagers as young as 13 or 14 years old,” he added.

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In order to successfully reconstruct fake genitals for transgenders, body butchers must harvest and remove tissue from elsewhere on these children’s bodies, including from the abdomen and forearm.

These “Frankenstein surgeries,” as Showalter calls them, are rough approximations and do not even serve a functional purpose once complete.

“This is intentionally damaging the body in pursuit of a physiological impossibility. This is surgery in pursuit of a lie,” Showalter warns.

“A surgery should never be done to remove a physically healthy body part. Medical ethics is just dead as a doornail, in my opinion, that this would be something doctors or surgeons would ever do.”

Christians everywhere, Showalter says, need to be praying every day for divine deliverance from this societal curse.

“There are stories in Scripture where all hope seems lost and that we’re up against seemingly insurmountable odds,” Showalter said. “But God then shows up, and He uses a remnant of people.”

“If we pray, and if we set our faces like flint, and we believe that God is for us and not against us … and that He loves the little children … [Jesus] has very harsh words for those who harm them … If we pray, I believe we will see this wickedness dismantled in the realm of the spirit.”

Any additional action beyond prayer is between a person and God, Showalter added, encouraging people to do what they feel they are led to do without having to be told from someone else what to do.

“I pray and ask God the Father to comfort any and all children who are suffering with loneliness and confusion right now at this moment,” one person prayed in the comment section.

“That they would feel and know the personal touch of you, Jesus, for you are the only one who can justify any one of us. That they would be cocooned in a warm blanket of your love. Put safe people in their space. To know they are not alone.”

The powers that be want your children to become transgenders. Learn more at Transhumanism.news.

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