It’s as ugly as it sounds. A whole bunch of people who profited from pushing the Covid-19 “vaccines” are scrambling to keep the truth from coming out. That means more quashing, more gaslighting, and more direct censorship.

A video by Jimmy Dore below discusses one of the most egregious recent examples, but first here are the top stories of the day for the Discern Report Newsletter:

The Simple Reason Why Studies Showing Vaccine Dangers Are Being Suppressed

The war against the truth as it pertains to the deadly Covid-19 “vaccines” is all about self-protection. Complicit active participants and their supporting casts have way too much to lose if the truth comes out because they were the ones gaslighting Americans into getting the jabs they didn’t really want.

Doctors and journalists. Politicians and bureaucrats. Big Pharma and Big Tech. All of them were involved in some way in shaming and bullying people into taking the experimental drugs even when they knew they were neither safe nor effective.

Now that bits of truth are starting to come out, there’s a mad scramble to suppress any study that confirms what more and more Americans are starting to realize: The jabs are deadly and those pushing it in the past are more interested in covering their tracks than helping those they’ve harmed.

This video by Jimmy Dore should get everyone’s blood boiling.

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