We stand with President Trump, firmly believing he’s our nation’s last best hope. Yet, one of the great things about the MAGA movement is that it’s perfectly okay to disagree with him on certain issues. Trump is remarkably open to feedback from his base, recognizing that he might not always get everything right—after all, he’s human, and nobody’s perfect. This openness is what truly energizes and strengthens our movement. That’s why when he recently spoke out in support of giving every forign college graduate a “green card” with their diploma, most in the America First movement did a double take.

President Trump was speaking with the All In Podcast when he made the remarks.

Look, we understand that DEI has eroded “excellence” in our country, and yes, we’re at a pivotal moment where injecting brilliance into our nation’s veins is crucial, or we risk complete and total collapse. As a businessman at heart, Trump is naturally on the hunt for the best and brightest, especially in such critical times. However, we can’t simply toss Americans aside and replace them with foreigners—not when qualified and brilliant white students and workers are being overlooked due to their skin color and gender. What President Trump proposes would inadvertently set up an unfair competition between foreigners and Americans on their own turf, which, according to Trump loyalist Steve Bannon, is America Last. […]

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