They involve (at least) two sides who do not agree on something so significant that the best course of action is to kill those who hold a different outlook.

Of course, that definition is extremely simplistic. No two wars are alike, and there are often multiple contributing factors including the nature of governments, disagreements on territory, access to resources or even religious beliefs.

Conflicts end when there is a winner, or an agreement is reached between the warring parties.They do not end because a faceless profile has put a Palestinian flag in their social media bio.Israel’s war with Hamas has caused divisions far beyond the Middle East. Even in the United States, different family members hold different views on the conflict.Pro-Palestinian leftists have been vocal in their slacktivist efforts. Flags have appeared in profiles, and McDonald’s has been boycotted (although the impact in the U.S. […]

It’s becoming increasingly clear that fiat currencies across the globe, including the U.S. Dollar, are under attack. Paper money is losing its value, translating into insane inflation and less value in our life’s savings.

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