Poland, legendary anti-globalist holdout, will not own nothing, eat zhe bugs and be happy as unelected globalist technocrat Klaus Shwab insists they, along with the rest of the prison planet, do.

Via Notes From Poland : One of the parties that makes up Poland’s conservative government has proposed an “anti-bug law” that would require food products containing insects to be labelled with a special warning. The proposal comes amid a recent campaign by the ruling coalition and its associated media in which they have claimed that if opposition parties win power at this year’s elections they will seek to restrict traditional meat consumption and make Poles eat insects instead. The opposition has announced no such plans. “Dried mealworm larvae, powdered cricket – these are among the insects that the eurocrats and Rafał Trzaskowski [the opposition mayor of Warsaw] call new food,” said Janusz Kowalski, a deputy […]

It’s becoming increasingly clear that fiat currencies across the globe, including the U.S. Dollar, are under attack. Paper money is losing its value, translating into insane inflation and less value in our life’s savings.

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