Sometimes a politician comes out with a statement that makes one think, “Yeah, you’re probably right, but not in the way you think.”

Both major political parties have indeed changed some over the last few decades. The Republicans have morphed, as someone once put it, from the “country club Republicans” to the “Sam’s Club Republicans,” largely dumping the (old and rather unfair) reputation of being the party of wealthy fatcats and instead becoming the party of traditional blue-collar workers, small business owners and the various independent types from gig economy workers to farmers and ranchers.

The Democrats have changed rather more so. My Dad, I remember, described himself as a Truman Democrat, although I know that he voted twice for Ronald Reagan. Dad was a man who believed in keeping his political opinions to himself, but on the rare occasions I was able to draw him out, he always professed a desire for a strong military, more local and less national government, and disdain for government waste. He would have hated the idea of taxpayer bailouts for student loans, appeasing terrorist scumbags, and having drag queens come into elementary schools to read to little kids. That would make him, today, a radical right-winger in the eyes of today’s Democrats. […]

It’s becoming increasingly clear that fiat currencies across the globe, including the U.S. Dollar, are under attack. Paper money is losing its value, translating into insane inflation and less value in our life’s savings.

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